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NFT Hyperfarming

Rune is the next evolution of DeFi farming. Farming is when you use your tokens to earn bonus tokens by staking them. Every week a new token is created (called a rune). It's farmed until the max supply of 50,000. That rune can then be combined with other runes to create NFTs. Those NFTs can be used to improve your earnings.

El Rune
Eld Rune
Tir Rune
Nef Rune
Eth Rune
Ith Rune
Tal Rune
Ral Rune
Ort Rune
Thul Rune
Amn Rune
Sol Rune
Shael Rune
Dol Rune
Hel Rune
Io Rune
Lum Rune
Ko Rune
Fal Rune
Lem Rune
Pul Rune
Um Rune
Mal Rune
Ist Rune
Gul Rune
Vex Rune
Ohm Rune
Lo Rune
Sur Rune
Ber Rune
Jah Rune
Cham Rune
Zod Rune

Blockchain Gaming

You can start building your character right away. Choose from 1 of 7 classes, join a guild, and raid farms to start earning runes instantly.


Evolving NFTs

Imagine a virtual world like Ready Player One, where your NFTs adapt to the game you're playing? We're building the market first, by distributing NFTs in Rune farms, that can later be used in Rune games.

Warder Helm
'Nef Tir Sol Ort'

A once unbreakable helm, its best days have passed.
1-15% Chance To Find Worldstone Shard (Per Raid)
1-3% Harvest Burn
1-4% Random Rune Exchange
1-5% Reduced Harvest Fees

Craft Market

Unique Crafted Items

Rune brings uniquely generated attributes to NFTs that have real utility.
Every item has an affect on your farm: increase yield, burn, chance to unlock hidden pool, and much more!