What is Rune?

RUNE.FARM is an NFT hyperfarm aiming to be a leading NFT platform in the crypto space.

Hyperfarm means you can stake the tokens in farms to acquire multiple runes and trade them for many different NFTs. Runes are BEP20 tokens that can be combined into NFT items called Rune Words. You choose your character, craft items, equip weapon/shield/armor, join a guild with your friends, and raid farms. Characters and Guilds on the platform will gain certain farm bonuses or NFT rewards depending on their attributes.

It was launched fairly with no investors, no presale, and no premine.

How To Play

1. Join the Raid

The first thing you're going to want to do is join the raid. You can do that by getting yourself the $RUNE token, or any of the runes and staking them in Pool Raid, or Farm Raid. You can get those on RuneSwap. To join a Farm Raid, you need to create an LP.

2. Create a Character

If you want to use items, you must create a character and join a guild first!

3. Craft Items

At any time, you can craft items using the Cube. To do this, you must select the correct rune combination.

4. Equip Items

Once you have your items crafted, you can equip them on the inventory screen and they will show up as equipped on the raid page. Don't worry if you don't see it right away, just refresh in a minute.

Recommended Wallets

Desktop: MetaMask.

Mobile: TrustWallet, SafePal, or EzDeFi.


Characters earn farming bonuses when buffed with NFT items. You choose which NFTs you want to raid the farm with. Every NFT has different buffs and debuffs.

Early adopters will have an opportunity to get some of the rarest NFTs either through airdrops, fundraising, or farming.



Items in RUNE.FARM are randomly generated NFTs with real utility. So far, we have 7 unique Rune Word NFTs that can be generated using runes.

These items can be used in our upcoming games, because they are Evolving NFTs that have branching attributes.

Templar Forge
'Tal Ort Thul Eld Nef'

Made from light-weight Templar material, it provides quality protection.
2-5% Increased Harvest Yield
10-20% Reduced Harvest Fees
1-2% Random Rune Exchange

Craft Market
War Sword
'Nef Eld Tir El'

Not much is known about this sword, other than the creator had gone mad.
3-7% Increased Harvest Yield
20-40% Chance To Send Harvest To Hidden Pool
20-40% Chance To Burn Harvest

Craft Market
Warder Helm
'Nef Tir Sol Ort'

A once unbreakable helm, its best days have passed.
1-15% Chance To Find Worldstone Shard (Per Raid)
1-3% Harvest Burn
1-4% Random Rune Exchange
1-5% Reduced Harvest Fees

Craft Market


$EL and $TIR are what we call runes, BEP20 tokens that are farmed for 1 week, until supply is locked (50,000 or less). There will be 33 runes minted. These are then be craftable into NFTs called Rune Words that will give character and guild buffs. Each buff may have different effects, such as increasing your yield, or burning a certain percent of the yield for some other bonus.

There are currently 14 released, and there will be 33 by the end of the year and that's it. Then we will be focusing on the marketplace + game ecosystem. These runes are key, because they give us an economy to build upon, and resources for users to craft items to use in farms and eventually the marketplace and games.

Throughout the year, each rune will build on the previous runes in some way. Most rune distributions are unique in some way. Some will be airdropped on characters, some will be earned through secret pools, and some may have different mechanics like rebase, buyback & burn or LP lockup. In the beginning it will be impossible to balance the relative supply, but the ultimate goal is to deflate more of the supply as we go. We're always thinking up ways to get runes back to do these burns.

Planned runes: EL, ELD, TIR... See Full List.

After all runes are distributed, they'll be used in the upcoming games and marketplace.

Why Rune?

$RUNE is the protocol of the ecosystem. There was only 20,000 minted and are frequently burned. It is required to do certain actions such as create characters. In the future it can be staked for Arcane Dust ($ARC), which recieve dividends from other systems. Such planned systems are Random Chests, Item Gambling, and Mystery Trades.

Rune is built by a dedicated team who are passionate about RPGs and the DeFi space, and have the experience to bring it to a broad market. Like Bitcoin, the creator is anonymous (for the time being).


Q. Can I stake the same LPs? A. Yes! No LP left behind.

Q. There's so much to do. What do I do? A. That's part of the fun of the game. Most get started buying some old runes, for example EL + TIR, adding liquidity on RuneSwap, and staking them in farms.

If you'd like to know more in detail, visit our FAQ or join our telegram.